As someone who loves a good meal, I had to begin exploring my new neighborhood by trying out as much food as possible. Over the weekend I was looking for a quick and easy spot where I could go enjoy a nice lunch by myself before doing my grocery shopping.

While walking down Randolph I noticed a little sign around the corner with the most inviting name: Nonna’s. I immediately had to see what it was.

Nonna’s is the sister-restaurant of Fromento’s on Randolph. And is operated in their kitchen. While I have yet to try out Formento’s, I will definitely have to if it is as good as Nonna’s.

Inside Nonna’s you just feel at home. The small yet cozy shop is bright and inviting, including a large menu board with the sandwich and such names written in handwriting on the wall to your left and sundries lining the wall to the right. The menu is somewhat small, but still includes two vegetarian sandwich options which is a plus for me. As a pescetarian it can be hard sometimes to find food when menus are small. They also had some salads and sides that I could have tried.

After looking at the menu for a few minutes I knew exactly what to get. I walked up to the counter and ordered an eggplant parmesan sandwich with house giardiniera and a Mexican Coke (I never get a regular Coke unless someone serves these). While ringing me up the cashier offered up the combo, which got me the chips and the drink for only $.50 extra. I couldn’t pass that up and switched my order to a combo. The total for my sandwich (the giardiniera on it costing an additional $1), Mexican Coke and chips came out to $15. A little pricey compared to many quick casual shops, but for the quality of the food and the neighborhood I wasn’t too shocked and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

IMG_3690It was a gorgeous day out, so as soon as I had my meal I went to the patio to enjoy some sunshine with my sandwich. The patio has a wonderful setup with fresh flowers lining the fenced in area. And the area has little foot traffic so you can enjoy your meal without the crazy hustle and bustle of people running around.

Since I hadn’t specified eating there my order was packed to go. The sauce for the sandwich and the giardieniera came on the side, which I definitely appreciated so that bread wouldn’t be soggy. I opened the bread on my first half, poured on some marinara and some peppers and took my first bite.

The sandwich was delicious—the bread still crisp, the sandwich not greasy at all (like most eggplant parmesan sandwiches are), and the flavors blending together beautifully. I waited to dress my second half of the sandwich until I was ready to eat it, helping to avoid any potential sogginess.

The sandwich ended up being extremely filling, so I opted to take my bag of chips home with me. I tried them that evening, and they were good. The salt and vinegar taste was not overwhelming, which I greatly appreciated.

Overall I’ll definitely be making a trip back to Nonna’s.

Nonna’s Sandwiches and Sundries



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