Night at the Museum (I mean park)

The movies in the park (and concerts, workouts, etc.) are some of my favorite things about summer in Chicago. They’re a perfect excuse to pack a picnic, grab some friends and head outside to enjoy a free night of entertainment. I admit that I have slacked a lot this summer at making it to these events, so when I saw that the West Loop was having their final movie of the summer I knew I had to check it out.

In the days leading up to it I began to worry. A series of showers had been plaguing the city, and the last thing I wanted was for the movie to get rained out. Luckily, on Tuesday evening, the skies clear, the humidity dropped and the evening turned into one of those nights that you cannot waste indoors. And I had the perfect excuse not to.

3053313539_6348dd5218.jpgAfter a fabulous dinner at La Sirena Clandestina, my boyfriend and I stopped by my apartment to grab a blanket and head over to Mary Bartelme Park where Night at the Museum was playing. Because of our dinner stop we arrived a few minutes into the movie and the hill was full. After attempting to sit on the edge of the hill on an extremely odd angle we noticed a flat area of grass to the right of the screen with a perfect view and only one other couple and their dog. We grabbed our blanket and headed up and over.

The new view was absolutely perfect. We were out of the bustle of the crowd, closer so it was even easier to hear the movie and still had a wonderful view of the screen.

The movie itself was very enjoyable while remaining family friendly – the perfect choice for a movie in the park. As someone who had never seen Night at the Museum before I was thoroughly entertained. It also kept the children entertained, meaning less running around and screaming so that everyone could watch without distractions, which is always a plus in my book.

The park itself is gorgeous and has a perfect setup for movies. The hill offers an area that allows for many families to sit without making everyone spread out throughout the whole park, leaving space for people with dogs to let them play and room for you to walk around. In the back was the playground, offering a space for kids who needed to let out some energy an area to run around without running all over everyone’s things. And the fact that there were so many dogs brought a huge smile to my face.

While the summer movies at this park are complete, I definitely recommend taking a stroll over and checking it out. It’s a beautiful area that is perfect for a walk through, a place to take your furry friend, has a great playground for kids, and has plenty of space for a picnic on a beautiful day.

If you’re truly looking for an excuse to head over, then you have one too! On Saturday, September 10 there is a Party in the Park featuring food trucks, live music and more. What better excuse do you need?

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