Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

Happy national soft serve day! As an ice cream aficionado I absolutely could not skip this holiday. In fact, I skipped my long run after work to go get some soft serve with my coworkers (Ok I just rearranged my long run to Sunday, but still. Priorities.).

Being as I’m fairly new to the West Loop neighborhood and have yet to scope out all the ice cream shops I had to do some research. And by research I mean Googling “Best soft serve West Loop Chicago” and seeing what came up. The first thing: Cone Gourmet Ice Cream.

As I was leaving work and realized I forgot my running belt at home and just had to go for ice cream now instead of after my workout (I mean why walk all the way home for my running belt and not reward myself with some ice cream?), I convinced two coworkers to join me. We decided that since it was a gorgeous day, and since I had to feel less guilty about my shortened workout) that we would walk the 35ish minutes to Cone.

When we got there we fell in love. The store is a cute shop with a huge sculpture of a cone outside so you truly can’t miss it. Inside the cute decor feels as homey as was intended for the shop’s vibe. While there were a wide array of delicious looking flavors of ice cream to chose from I knew I was on a mission: Operation Soft Serve.

After scanning the menu for about 10 seconds I knew exactly what I had to order. I patiently waited my turn while trying not to drool over all the delicious flavors on display, and when I got to the front of the line I excitedly ordered the Shamrock. This delicious treat is soft serve covered in Lucky Charms. I opted for the red velvet and vanilla ice cream swirled with a standard cake cone.

Cone Gourmet Ice Cream’s Shamrock Cone

Overall my cone was outstanding. The ice creams blended together beautifully and were not overly heavy or sweet and the Lucky Charms added a nice crunchy texture. While just a standard cone, mine tasted fresh and did not detract from the overall treat.

I would recommend asking for a cup on the side if you chose to order the Shamrock. Between how quickly soft serve can start to melt in the heat, and the tendency for big toppings to fall off the sides this cone can become very messy very fast. After a little photo op and a few initial bites I ended up flipping my cone upside down into a cup to eat with a spoon. While not as pretty it was definitely just as delicious.

Overall, Cone is a great place to check out whether it’s national soft serve day or not. Did any of you go out to celebrate today? What did you try?

Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

1047 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60607

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