Dress the part

Events are bound to pop up: weddings, cocktail parties, galas, special birthdays, engagements, baby showers, new years, your second cousin twice removed’s baby shower – the list goes on. And while you don’t always want to wear the same outfit, it can become extremely expensive to start buying dresses for every event you attend, especially when your events err on the side of galas and black tie.

One of my favorite options for a one-time-wear dress is Rent the Runway. RTR is a clothing and accessory rental company that offers 4 and 8 day rentals on everything from jewelry to shirts to ball gowns. I’ve rented gowns from them multiple times for black tie events and every time have been in love with the dresses.

RTR is primarily an online retailer with a actual boutiques in Chicago, Las Vegas, NYC, DC and a soon-to-be location in Topanga. My first experience with RTR was through an online order. I am typically very skeptical about online shopping, especially when you’re ordering an outfit for something so close to the actual date. Depending on the cut of a garment my sizing can vary from anything between a 2 and an 8, so it’s typically hard for me to judge without trying on.

Thankfully RTR not only has tons of fabulous shoppers posting reviews complete with their measurements and photos, but they also send you a complimentary back-up size for free. That way you can order one size up or order a regular and a long so that you have options day of. If the piece still doesn’t fit there are also options to have a new size overnighted for a fashion emergency situation.

My favorite part of RTR is how easy it is to return the garment after your event. You simply put your rentals pack in the prepackaged box provided and add the prepaid UPS return label. You don’t have to worry about dry cleaning, and your included garment insurance covers any minor tears, spills and cleaning. You just have to wear, enjoy and remember to return on time.

If you live in a city with a boutique you can also go in and try on pieces to rent, which is my new favorite way to rent the runway. When you visit a RTR you can try on pieces to see how they look in person. I especially love this so I can see the fabrics and how the colors look on my skin tone. The one downside is that the boutique have a limited selection, so not everything you see online will be available to try on. And the pieces are not available to try on in every size, so you may find a dress you love that is far too big, or far too small. But as long as you go ahead of event time they can order your piece for you in the size you need – and still include a complimentary back up.

Have an event coming up and not sure what to wear. Check out RTR now, and get 20% off with your first purchase.

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