Not your typical sandwich

Love sandwiches but tired of the same old sub shop chains? Look no further, because The Ruin Daily has you covered with deliciously inspired sandwiches, refreshing sides, cool cocktails and everything you need to take your sandwich game to new heights.

The Ruin Daily sandwich menu

Owned by the same restaurateurs that brought the West Loop MONEYGUN and Saint Lou’s Assembly, The Ruin Daily bring a fresh twist to your lunch time sandwich shop. Whether you need to grab a quick bite to-go, or have time to sit and enjoy the relaxed, bright atmosphere, this spot is the perfect place to take a mid day break and grab a sandwich, salad or drink. A breath of fresh air to the neighborhood, they offer a wide range of sandwich from a classic reuben to the “gym shoe” (Sliced Lamb, Corned Beef, Sliced Beef, Tzatziki Mayo, Giardiniera, Shredded Lettuce, Italian Baguette). And if a regular grilled cheese won’t cut it that day you can transform it into a tuna melt in a heartbeat. But my personal favorite is the buffalo cauliflower.

Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

This sandwich is a vegetarians dream. The cauliflower is roasted, so unlike many other cauliflower sandwiches out there it’s not fried, heavy and greasy. They don’t skimp on a buffalo sauce either, something that I appreciate as a lover of all things hot. The celery and lettuce are a refreshing addition to the soft cauliflower and add additional texture to the dish. And to round it all out, a blue cheese dressing tops it off. I absolutely recommend trying this sandwich.


They also have a wide range of sides to choose from ranging from house-made pickles (you get a whole little jar of spears!) to potato salad to marinated kale with Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette, Jicama, Carrots, Apples.

IMG_8679.JPGRough day? Choose from one of 11 cocktails or from their vast beer menu to complete your meal. The day bar goes from 3pm – close and has an option to serve everyone’s taste.

They also serve a wide range of breakfast options starting at 7am, so you can start your day out on the right foot.

The best part – there’s no need to break the bank for this meal. I got a delicious buffalo cauliflower sandwich (served with chips), marinated kale and house made pickles spears for only $16 including the tip. Now that’s my kind of lunch.

Have you been yet? Which is your go-to sandwich you think everyone should try?

The Ruin Daily

328 S Jefferson St
Chicago, IL 60661


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