Michael Jackson ONE: Show review

The other week I was in Vegas for a work conference. First off, let me tell you that traveling for a work conference is one of the most exhausting things I have ever done. From the hours of networking to the long days in high heels, I’ll probably be recovering for a week. And it didn’t help that I was there during a heat wave. I left the hotel no more than 3 times – twice to get in Ubers to dinner, and once at night to see the fountain at the Bellagio. Mind you it was 101 degrees out at 11:30pm.

But after my conference ended I wanted to stay in Vegas an extra day to treat myself to a show. After looking at some reviews and seeing what had tickets available, I opted for the Michael Jackson ONE show by Cirque du Soliel. Not only was I able to find a ticket, but I got myself a front row seat.

The show itself was fabulous. The music was great (I mean how could it not be – it’s a Michael Jackson show) and the performers where talented, engaging, and entertaining. The show started with “paparazzi” going through the crowd snapping photos of everyone. As they did, the four main characters where trying to “find seats.”

Shortly after, the show began. The premise was four friends who found Michael’s most prized possessions – his gloves, his hat, his shoes, and his sunglasses – while guards tried to keep them from taking them.

With numbers with tricks ranging from slack lining tricks to a smooth-moved contortionist dancer (one of my personal favorites in the show) to a pole dancer with some of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen, you were constantly entertained. And the dancing was fabulous.

Since I was in the front row there were moments the dancers were in the aisle next to me or dancing right in front of me within two feet of where I was seated. And since I was on the aisle seat, there were even points where I had to watch my legs as trampolines were pulled out next to me and performers sprinted down the aisles to jump off the trampolines and do tricks as they soared onto the stage.

My favorite numbers were thriller, where the costumes were absolutely fabulous, and Billie Jean, where dancers where in the darks and had on costumes that lit up on stage and on the walls.

As far as the front row goes, while it had its pros, I would recommend sitting further back in the audience. There were times where performers where in the stage or overhead and in the front row you could not see everything at once. From row 10-15 I think you would still be up close but get to see the bigger, full picture of every number.

Unlike the O Show, which is the other Cirque du Soliel production I have seen, this did not seem to have as many intricate tricks and contortionist. It focused more on the dancing and entertainment part with tricks dispersed throughout. This leaned heavier to dancing with acrobatic tricks mixed in, which led for great entertainment, but if you are looking for a Cirque du Soliel with an acrobatic and “holy $hit how can someone’s body do that” factor I would advise looking for another one of their shows. But if you are an MJ fan looking for a fabulous night out this is a must see.

Michael Jackson ONE

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
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