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Recently Dulce from the blog A Juxtaposed Mind nominated me for the how well do you know me tag. This is a little different from my typical posts, but I thought it would be a fun way to share a little bit more about myself. For the challenge she gave me, along with 10 other bloggers, 11 questions that we had to answer. In return we get to make up 11 new questions for 11 bloggers of our choice.

Let’s get started!


1. Where are you from originally (family too)?
When I was first born I lived in Deerfield, IL, but moved to Highland Park, IL, when I was very young. I actually grew up living with my mom, brother and grandparents in the house my mom grew up in! As far as where my family originated I’m a little embarrassed to say I’m not really sure. It’s not something we’ve ever really talked about and to be honest I haven’t asked.

2. What made you want to create your blog?
I love to write. I was a journalism major at Mizzou (M-I-Z) and, while my career path took a turn to designing rather than writing, I always wanted to have a creative outlet to share my thoughts with the world. When I moved to the West Loop I thought it was the perfect time to pick up and start a blog.

3. What’s one piece of advice that you were given in the past that has really helped you on your journey to self-growth?
To say “no” more. I’m a total people pleaser and often find myself in compromising situations because I wanted to help someone else rather than thinking about myself. I was once given the lesson that saying “no” wasn’t selfish, rather a healthy way to protect yourself and others. I think we spend too much time making children do things without allowing them to speak for themselves and say “yes” or “no”. They see a friend or family member and we tell the child to give them a hug, when kids are young we often sign them up for sports teams without letting them choose what they want to do or if they want to stop after a season, or we schedule playdates for young kids without asking if they want to hangout with their “friend.” We are put in a situation where we are learning to, and being reinforced to, say “yes” to everything. “No” is just as powerful and wonderful as yes!

4. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
Resumes. As a designer and writer my friends are constantly coming to me to design and help write their resumes. I started in college to help friends prior to graduation and now it’s something I’m really good at.

5. What are your travel must-haves?
A comfy pair of shoes, face wash, a bold lipstick, and some good jams. I have Spotify playlists for every type of travel.

6. Who are some designers you NEED in your closet?
Nike and Victoria’s Secret (for their black knockout tight). I basically live in sports bras and the VS knockout tight. I wear them straight from work to the gym. I’m really not huge on designers – which is why you rarely see fashion posts from me. I’m typically in workout clothes or something from Old Navy.


Michelada from Big Star

7. What’s your favorite summer drink?
That’s easy. A michelada from Big Star.  I love how spicy they make theirs. Some places add so much to their michelada and overcomplicate a great thing. But Big Star’s has the perfect balance of heat, lime, and salt. I’m wishing I was on their patio enjoying one right now.

Some close runner ups are the daiquiri at La Sirena Clandestina, the kale margarita at Hub 51, the frosé at Saint Lou’s Assembly, and the seasonal margaritas from De Cero.

8. What’s one thing (or person!) that can instantly brighten a bad day for you?
Puppies. I live in a dog friendly building and every time I’m in the elevator I cross my fingers that a pup will get on with me. I also work by a dog park and if I’m in a mid day rut or just need some fresh air I take a walk through the park to see what dogs are there. (Did I really just admit I’m a crazy dog lady?)

9. Which selfie or photo taken by you is your current favorite?


Photo taken by me:



10. Which skill would you like to master?
I would LOVE to learn how to snowboard. I have friends who go on skiing/snowboarding trips all the time and I never join because I would have no clue what to do. Although I did once go skiing on the Andes Mountains in Argentina. It took me all day but I finally made it down the easiest hill one time without falling. It was so much fun, but something that I really would like to have mastered before trying to book a trip with my friends to make a weekend of it.

11. What’s the best book or series that you’ve ever read?
The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. It is a beautiful novel centered around college baseball that effortlessly intertwines stories about love, life, growing up, sports, college, addiction and sexuality. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Now it’s my turn to nominate some wonderful bloggers! I’d love to learn more about you:

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I’d love to learn these 11 things about you fabulous ladies:

  1. What is your favorite meal you’ve ever eaten?
  2. If you had to sing one song at a karaoke bar what would it be?
  3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
  4. What’s your favorite movie?
  5. If you could give your 16-year-old self any piece of advice what would it be?
  6. If you were trapped on an island and could have 3 things with you what would they be?
  7. Who’s your blogger inspiration?
  8. What’s your favorite way to unwind?
  9. Coffee or tea?
  10. What’s your nickname?
  11. What’s your favorite childhood memory?


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  1. TOTALLY forgot to leave a comment but I did see this when you posted it! I completely agree about saying “no”; since we’re women it’s an even more tough habit to break since most o fun are taught to make sure that everyone is OK before we are, and that has to change. You are super bold for wanting to learn how to snowboard by the way, I’d definitely end up with broken bones!! Haha. Thank you for filling these out!



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