Deciding How to Rock Your Ride

CYCLEBAR Fulton Market has been rocking rides for a little over a month now and the Cyclestars are bringing it. From high-intensity performance rides to killer themed rides to being able to clear your mind in a connect ride and all of the classic rides in between there are so many ways to hop on a bike.

But how do you decide what class is right for you? I’ve ridden every type of class so you don’t have to. Unless you want to, in which case YASSS QUEEN (OR KING) take one of each!


Like the class name suggests, these rides are the ultimate way to tune out and connect with the music. The monitors aren’t turned on (or if you want your stats for later you can turn on your monitor and cover it with a towel), and you ride 100% to the beat of the music. For those of you familiar with SoulCycle, this will be the class most like what you’re used to there.


Competitive? Then this is the right class for you.

Performance rides utilize your CycleStats the most—from group challenges to sprint competitions to more time seeing the leaderboard during your ride, this class keeps you moving towards the top the whole time. I love this ride for when I really want to challenge myself to see how I can do against the group.


A classic ride sits right in between a connect and a performance ride. The perfect blend of sprints and time with the leaderboard shown + time to just feel the music and ride to the beat, this class is the perfect marriage of the best parts of performance and classic rides. This class is great for beginners as they learn what they love most – connecting with the music or racing it out.

Themed Rides

These are some of my absolute favorite rides, after all music can make or break your workout. There are multiple themed rides per week – a few that are staples every week and some that change throughout. Every Friday you can count on a 6:30pm happy hour ride with champagne and beer after your ride. And Sundays at 10:45am you can swing by for a brunch ride where you can sweat out your Saturday night then start your Sunday Funday early with a post-ride mimosa. There are also hip hop Tuesday and hip hop Thursday rides every week.

But then there are great rides “on tap” every week. Some of my personal favorites have been the “Beyonce Baby Shower Happy Hour” complete with mimosas made with lemonade in honor of Bey’s twins, “Drake vs. The Weeknd”, “and “The Weeknd vs. Michael Jackson”. They also had some amazing Lollapalooza rides and a Coldplay ride in honor of this past week’s concert – both of which I’m bummed to have missed.

Have an idea for a themed ride? Make sure to tell a CycleStar so they can help bring your dream ride to life!


On Wednesdays and Fridays break away from your mundane lunch routine and head over to CYCLEBAR for a quick lunch ride. These 30 minute express rides go from 12:15 – 12:45, just enough time to step away, get your sweat on, and head back to the office ready to conquer your afternoon.

The best part? They have every amenity you need to shower and get back to the office afterwards so you don’t need to lug towels, hair dryers, straighteners, razors, shampoo, conditioner, or body wash with you to the gym! (Seriously, they have the BEST amenities)

Have you checked out CYCLEBAR Fulton Market yet? What’s your favorite ride?

CYCLEBAR Fulton Market

175 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60661

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