Budge-Free, Smudge-Free Perfect Lip Color

How often do you find yourself with lipstick everywhere? I’m talking a full on makeover takeover with your gorgeous lip color suddenly on everything from your wine glass to your chin to your teeth to your boyfriend. And don’t get me started on the horrors of accidentally falling asleep with your makeup on only to have your pillowcase look like a clown shoved his face into it, lipstick stains and all.
That used to be my daily horror to the point where my boyfriend refused to kiss me when I had my lipstick on, until I found LipSense.

LipSense is a long-lasting lip color produced by SeneGence. It is a no-budge, no-smudge, no-annoying-lipstick-transfer color that can be used to create hundreds of different colors by layering and mixing different shades and glosses.
2 x Roseberry + 1 x Fly Girl + Matte Gloss

My absolute favorite part of LipSense is the length of wear. While the website states that wear can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours, I have had the product on all day, overnight, and into brunch the next morning (not that I’m proud of not changing my makeup, but hey at least I’m showing how well it stay on). Granted, this meant I was reapplying my gloss top coat throughout the day – I typically reapply my gloss before meals – but I did not have to fuss around with the color at all.

Because of the long-lasting color, LipSense is perfect for every occasion. From date night to a work lunch, to a night out at the bar LipSense will keep your lip color flawless from day to night. Just make sure to occasionally reapply your gloss and you will be good to go through wherever the day takes you.
For the best application, you apply you color to clean, dry lips in thin layers. After shaking up your color (don’t forget to shake shake shake!) simply apply in thin even layers, allowing the layers to dry completely before adding the next. Because of this layered application process you can layer different colors to enhance and change-up the final color (I love layering two layers of Roseberry with one layer of Fly Girl for a little added vibrance). After your layers of color dry, you apply a final gloss to seal in the color. The glosses range in a glossy, matte, translucent glossy shades, opal, and different glitter glosses – meaning one color combo can look completely different depending on which gloss you decide to finish it with.
3 x Sassy Z + Matte Gloss

My personal favorite colors are Sassy Z (a limited edition pink color so amazing I bought two tubes so that I won’t run out), Fly Girl (a bold red), Purple Reign (would you believe me when I said it’s purple) and matte gloss (the only gloss I wear, but it’s all a personal preference).

They have nudes, pinks, reds, oranges, purple, and even a deep black shade that is perfect for layering – not to mention perfect for a dramatic Halloween costume (hello skeleton makeup). The creators have thought of just about everything. And limited edition color releases come out from time to time making perfect additions for any growing LipSense collection. I loved Sassy Z so much that I bought two when it came out because I knew it would go away!
LipSense Color and Gloss

Ready to take the plunge and say goodbye to lipstick transfer? Jordan is able to help you pick the perfect colors and glosses for your skin tone! You can find her on Instagram (@just_jojolips) or email her at justjojolips@gmail.com to find the perfect set for you. My recommendation – go with a started pack of a gloss, lip color and Oops Remover (for those dreaded mistakes and end of the night color removal).

Already a LipSense wearer? What’s your must-have shade?!

Disclaimer: I was offered a free color and gloss to try out LipSense and share my thoughts, but I have been an avid user for over a year and all product opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts on the product. Hope you love it as much as I do!

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