DOH! I mean GO! to Moe’s Tavern in Lincoln Park

This past weekend I spent the day in Springfield drinking with my boyfriend.

Okay, not actual Springfield, but at the Moe’s Tavern and Arcade Pop-Up Bar at Replay Lincoln Park it was hard not to feel like you were in Springfield alongside Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl. It’s the perfect getaway for any Simpsons fan.

Homer couldn’t handle his Red Squishee

When we first walked into Replay we were a little discouraged. The whole bar was decked out with terrifying clowns for Halloween – aka the decor of my worst nightmares – with the only signs of the pop-up being The Simpsons playing on their TVs. Confused but convinced Moe’s Tavern was somewhere, we walked towards the back bar area – the Level Up Bar. As soon as we walked in we knew we were in Springfield.

They did a great job of making it feel like Moe’s Tavern without going too over-the-top. With a complete cocktail list with Simpsons inspired drinks, and all draft beers being a form of Duff, the bar was the first indicator that you were in Moe’s. And of course Moe was there (in life size cut-out form) with his jar of eggs and his old school phone.

The space is decked out with Simpsons references, including Homer’s IOU on the back bar, a Moe’s Tavern neon sign, Barney drunkenly passed out on the floor, and the Love Tester painted onto a wall (if only it worked for real, sigh). All of the TVs are playing episodes of The Simpsons, and, while at first my boyfriend and I were disappointed that the sound was not on for them, we quickly realized that the playlist was full of songs in reference to the show, including our favorite – Dr. Zaius.

The Lenny & Carl (Front) and the Whiskey a Moe-Moe

The cocktails were especially delicious and perfect for the occasion. My favorite was the Lenny and Carl – house infused strawberry-jalapeno tequila, line juice, agave syrup, and a chile-salt rim – while my boyfriend loved the Nag & Weasel – their take on an old-fashioned. Another standout for me was the Violets for Renee, a sweet blueberry infused cocktail that I highly recommend for anyone interested in a fruity, sugary cocktail. And it’s not a trip to Moe’s without a Flaming Moe shot (thankfully they light theirs with a lighter instead of a cigarette).

Other drinks include the Coffee and Donut, garnished with a strawberry frosted donut; the Red Squishee that tastes exactly how you would expect a Red Squishee from the Kwik-E-Mart to taste, except with Rum; an Itchy and Scratchy shot; or one of many selections of Duff beer. You can also add a Skittlebrau (fun size Skittles pack) to any order for just $1.

W​hile​ they’re hoping to stay open at least through Halloween, there’s also the chance for a Simpsons Cease and Desist a la the Stranger Things pop-up situation, so head to Springfield sooner rather than later! This is a pop-up you surely don’t want to miss.

Replay Lincoln Park
Formerly Headquarters Sheffield

2833 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 665-5660

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