Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie Friend

With the restaurant scene buzzing and social media taking over, it’s hard not to find yourself friend’s with a self-proclaimed foodie. So what better to gift them than something that supports their love of all things edible? While most foodies have a plethora of kitchen gadgets, below are my top picks for fun gifts that they likely haven’t already given themselves.


Dottie Honey Pot | Anthropologie, $20
This honey pot is sure to make any honey-lover smitten. In fact, if anyone needs to buy me a gift this season, this bear is high up on my list (followed by every single mug at Anthropologie). The adorable bear is a show-stopper that is sure to be the focal point of any kitchen. The only thing cuter than the bear itself is his little wood dipper. And, because it’s a neutral color, it won’t clash with any kitchen setup. The Dottie Honey Pot is sure to be one the sweetest gives you’ll give this holiday season. And if you’re not positive if your foodie friend is a fan of honey, Anthropologie also has an amazing collection of mugs, dishes, and great pieces for entertaining – hello gorgeous cheese board or salt and pepper holders!

food-sugar-milk-cookieCookie Jar | DIY, price varies
Everything tastes better when it’s homemade with a little love (unless I’m the chef and then you may not want to take a bite). These cookie mix jars are a great, homemade way to spread the holiday cheer this season.And, they’re easy to make in bulk so you can knock out a few gifts at once. You can buy a pack of mason jars in bulk, and then get all of the dry ingredients needed for the cookie dough mix. Just fill the jars, decorate, and write down the instructions on how to bake! Then, when your friend is craving some fresh, homemade cookies, he or she can just pour everything into a bowl, add the wet ingredients, and viola! Homemade cookies! While you can find recipes all over (just Google “cookie in a jar recipe” I love this one from Nestle.

Smitten Kitchen Every Day cookbook | Amazon, $20.98 (discounted from $35)
You can never have too many recipes – or at least that’s what my friends who know how to cook say. The Smitten Kitchen cookbook is full of recipes that keep you, the reader, in mind. They are “real recipes for real people – people with busy lives who don’t want to sacrifice flavor or quality to eat meals they’re really excited about.” Full of delicious recipes for every occasion, and with humor and honesty woven throughout, this cookbook is sure to be a staple in any kitchen.

Vinebox |, $81 – $300
Vinebox is a personalized wine delivery subscription service that is perfect for your vino loving friend. Rather than sending full bottles of wine, Vinebox sends you three glasses of wine per month. If you fall in love with a glass, you then have the option to order a full bottle. This means you’re never stuck paying for a full bottle of wine that you don’t love. They also start by having you take a quiz so they know exactly what wines to deliver to your door.

For the holidays you can either buy someone a subscription for a set number of months, or you can visit their holiday section to purchase the 12 Nights of Wine pack for a boozy advent calendar.

9k=Mother in Law’s Kimchi DIY Kimchi Kit | $22

This fun gift gives your kimchi-lover everything they need to buy a Napa cabbage and turn it into homemade kimchi. It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving – first the joy of putting together your kimchi kit, and then the excitement of getting to try your homemade kimchi after it’s done fermenting. Order one for your friend, or gift it to yourself as a holiday treat! And with enough seasoning in the kit to make 4 quarts of kimchi, don’t forget to tell your friend to let you do a taste test on the final product!

Milk Frother | KPSTEK Milk Frother Handheld with 2 whisks, Amazon, $13.99 on sale from $29.99
This handheld milk frother is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good latte. While there are plenty of options for milk frothers on the market, I love that this one comes with two different whisks, so you can do more than just froth your milk with it – it’s also a handy kitchen tool. One buyer even used it to make homemade mayo!. It also comes with a cleaning brush and stand, meaning you have everything you need for frothing!

Do you have a friend with an obsession with food? What are you buying them this holiday season?

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