New Year, New Goals

It’s officially the new year and everyone is talking about their resolutions – except for me.

Honestly, I hate new years resolutions for the sole fact that they stem from such negative feelings about ourselves. With the focus primarily on how much weight we need to lose, what we failed at in 2017, or the old saying of “new year, new me” the constant need to change ourselves year over year astonishes me. In fact, I’ve already seen posts from people beating themselves up because they already “failed” at their resolution. It’s been three days! There are so many opportunities to make things happen, don’t get down on yourself already! It may be a new year, but I am the same, self-loving me that you’ve known and (hopefully) loved all year.

While I don’t want to spend the year attempting to change who I am at my core, or resolving to change how I look, I do want to go into 2018 with some goals that I can accomplish. They’re not meant to change me, but they are some things that will help me grow as a person.


Read a new book every month

This is something I’ve said I need to do for a long time, so I’m finally putting it in writing and holding myself accountable. I am a slow reader so I take a long time to finish a book – in fact I once took three years reading a 300ish page book. I know what you’re thinking and it was as ridiculous as it sounds! But reading was never my jam.

Despite that, I love getting caught up in a great book. When I used to commute on the Metra to work I would read on the train and always found time to get a few chapters in here and there, but now that I’m taking long train rides less and have found myself getting busier my books sit on the bookshelf accumulating dust. This year I’ll be set out to read at least 12 books – one per month – if not more! While I have a few lined up including finishing The Lovely Bones and starting Gone Girl, You Are a Badass, The Defining Decade, A Thousand Splendid Suns and Room I definitely need some more recommendations. What are some of your favorite books you’ve read?

Try out a new fitness studio every month

While I absolutely love the workouts I do and the studios and gym that I frequent, I really want to spend this year getting outside of my comfort zone a little bit more and exploring some new workouts or studios I’ve never tried. And with most class based studios offering free or discounted first-time classes there’s really no excuse not to.

Not only do I want to try out different studios, but I want to make sure I’m sharing them with my followers. So if there are any studios or types of workouts you’d love to learn more about let me know and I’ll make sure to check them out! A few on my list so far: Pure Barre West Loop, Barefeet Power Yoga, Soulcycle, and Barry’s.

Attempted Butternut Squash Hummus – ©Angela Garbot Photography

Teach myself to cook a new dish every month

As many of my friends know I am not a good cook. I tend to burn things, miscalculate cook times, break kitchen appliances, and end up with dishes that taste nothing like they’re supposed to. If you follow me on Instagram you may have remembered my post about my dip party hummus that took 2 hours (it was a recipe that called for 30 min of cook time) and tasted like roasted garlic instead of butternut squash. I always say I need to learn how to make more things, so this is the year I’m going to make that goal a reality. Every month I’ll find a new recipe and teach myself how to make it, all while sharing the journey with you, because if I can make it anyone can.

One thing I am very excited to learn how to make are a few solid soup recipes. For Hanukkah my mom got me a brand new Nutribullet Rx that has the ability to make hot soups in minutes. This is going to be a game changer for me and I can’t wait to learn how to make a few! But the one thing I am looking forward to the most is learning a fantastic Shakshuka recipe. If anyone has one that they love PLEASE send it my way. Ever since my return from Israel in January I’ve been desperately seeking out good Shakshuka and would love to be able to make it myself.

Have you set any goals for 2018? If so what are they? And if not, what’s holding you back?

One thought on “New Year, New Goals

  1. Love this post!! I absolutely agree with you on resolutions. Making attainable goals is so much better for the mind and spirit. For example, I want to lose weight but I’m not setting a goal for a number to lose. I’m simply pledging to myself to live a healthier lifestyle including a more positive mind, eating less processed foods, and going to the gym a few days a week! Love this, thanks for the great advice!

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