Coworking Meets Luxury in the West Loop

Co-Optim Luxury sofa

I don’t know about you, but often times my environment dictates my productivity. When I try to power through work at home I find myself taking breaks to do laundry or grab a snack from the fridge, wander to bed and need a nap, or the dreaded “I can get this done while watching The Real Housewives.” And while I’ve looked into coworking spaces to get my blogging done none ever fit my needs. They felt too informal, had kitchens I could wander in to for beer and coffee and get distracted talking to someone, or were spaces that felt more like a hangout than a work environment. That is, until Co-Optim moved into the West Loop.

Co-Optim Blue SofaCo-Optim blends coworking with luxury, providing a high-efficiency, high-end environment to get work done, take meetings and ​collaborate. With your personal wellness and professional growth in mind, Co-Optim offers spaces such as a meditation room, kid’s room (you never know when it may need to be bring your child to work day), and lounge areas for your personal needs and private phone rooms, gorgeous conference rooms, and office space to help you get down to business.

From the impeccable attention to detail to the amazing location – right next to Ogilvie Transportation Center – there’s nothing that Co-Optim didn’t think through to make you as successful as possible.

Co-Optim wine servingCo-Optim lounge barThe Co-Bar and Salon
This is one of my favorite parts of Co-Optim, and not just because of the wine. The Co-Bar and Salon area welcome you in with a bright, open space that allows for networking, mingling, event hosting and just grabbing a glass of wine or pint of beer after a long day of working. Unlike other coworking spaces, Co-Optim takes the work out of unwinding after the day (or to start your day) by pouring your glass for you, so you can stay on the side of the bar with the comfy chairs. During the day they also provide light bites and fresh fruit to help keep you fueled for your meetings.

If you don’t want to take a seat at the bar, there is an array of comfortable sofas and chairs where you can sit back and relax to watch TV, read a book, or work on your laptop. As someone who likes to move around throughout the day and not stay still in one space I love the flexibility of being able to pop over to the bar or a sofa to get some research done.

Co-Optim Kids Room Movie Chair GiraffeCo-Optim Kids
The only thing more stressful than bringing your kids to work is figuring out how to keep them entertained so you can keep things moving (or so I’m told – I don’t have any kids of my own, though I’m hoping for a French Bulldog fur baby soon). Co-Optim Kids is a private kids room where your little ones can run around, watch movies, snuggle with stuffed animals, read a book and more while you get your work done stress free. The room offers a variety or toys and game for different ages, and mini movie chairs so your kids can feel like they’re at the movies.

Co-Optim personal workspace, writing

Co-Optim personal deskPersonal Office Space
Whether you’re someone who likes to have a desk they can set up and call home, or a small team that needs to be able to work collectively, Co-Optim has a desk option for you. They’ve thought through every detail – large rooms with multiple desks for shared coworking space; single and double custom expandable offices with sliding doors that can either connect you with your coworkers or allow privacy; and fully (and beautifully) furnished private offices with options for sitting or standing desks.

Co-Optim Phone BoothPrivate Phone Booths
Need to take a private call? Maybe it’s a top-secret product launch, or maybe you just need to make a personal call home and want a little added privacy. Either way, you can take your call with ease in one of Co-Optim’s private phone booths. With options of single booths or a space that can accommodate two, you can take calls confidentially and in the comfort of one of their plush chairs.

Co-Optim board room workingCo-Optim board room 2 head of tableLuxurious Conference Rooms
Picture this: You work from home. You’re up to something amazing. An opportunity comes along and you need to host a meeting with four execs, and your options are your small, studio apartment or a hotel lobby. You want to make a great impression, right?

At Co-Optim you can take meetings with confidence knowing that you’ll impress your guests in one of their four designer boardrooms. With space that can entertain up to 12 guests, you can focus on your deck while Co-Optim takes care of the rest. Their team will be there to greet your guests as they arrive, provide custom signage, and direct them to your boardroom so that you’ll be ready to go. And, if you head to the meditation room to decompress before the meeting and happen to take a little snooze, the team at Co-Optim will be there to wake you up and entertain while you fix your lipstick.

Event Opportunities
Coworking isn’t the only thing Co-Optim is up to. Throughout the year they host a variety of events and workshops to help you be your best entrepreneurial self. From insurance basics to leadership development and coworking meetups, their range of events has a little something for everyone.

And, if you’re not ready to commit to an annual membership, you can book a tour and redeem a free coworking day pass to experience Co-Optim first hand.

If you’re like me and tired of losing productive work hours over being in the wrong environment, then it’s time to make moves! Let Co-Optim take care of you, so that you can take care of your company. After all, if a company and brand are an extension of their team, don’t you want to be putting your best stiletto forward?

Interested in learning more about Co-Optim’s membership options or event capabilities? Contact Amanda at for more information.

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    1. They really have! There’s even a relaxation room (not featured in this write-up but another wonderful space) where you can pop in to lay down, meditate or take a nap!

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