Are you a boss babe with her eyes on the career prize?

Maybe you’re passionate about self love and finding new ways to treat yo’self. 

Chicago 20-something with big dreams and a bigger love for exploring her city?

A girl early in her career and just starting her life in a big city?

Did any of these describe you? If so, let’s chat!

Boss Babe Jordin Ruthstein
Hi, I’m Jordin – the blogger behind West Loop Soul

Hi, my name is Jordin and I’m the boss babe behind West Loop Soul. I’m a boss babe with big goals and bigger dreams.

What does that even mean?

Ever since I was 15 I’ve held down a job – sometimes up to 4 at a time. I thrive off accomplishing lofty goals and pushing myself to be better.

When I say boss babe I don’t mean I’m trying to sell you products, I mean that I am a goal-oriented {aka a goal digger} career woman who wants to empower other women to seek greatness.

Whether it’s helping connect people, sharing business advice, speaking on panels, or just giving my friends advice, I’m always trying to help others advance.

But it’s not all business all the time

To be a successful boss babe it can’t be all work all the time. Ever heard of burnout? It’s a place none of us want to be.

That’s why I focus not only on career advice, but on life outside of the 9-5, too. Being a boss babe is about managing your relationships {with yourself and with others}, stepping outside of your comfort zone to try new things, taking care of yourself, and maintaining a positive mindset so you can overcome any obstacles in your way.

Are you still with me?

If you’re still with me, then at least one of these topics must resonate with you. Maybe you’re ready to commit to focusing on your goals this year. Maybe you’re tired of focusing on the negatives and ready to look at things in a different mindset. Or, maybe you’re ready to get out and explore the city in a new way.

No matter why you’re here, welcome, and thank you for joining me on this journey. 

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