what is west loop soul?

Co-Optim Luxury sofaAs more than just a neighborhood guide, west loop soul aspires to be your destination for inspiration on how to live your best, happiest life. While much of my own personal inspiration is drawn from Chicago’s beautiful West Loop, there is no geographic boundary on where you can love yourself. WLS is not confined to the borders of one neighborhood, rather a dream that can inspire men and women all of Chicago and the world to dream a little bigger, laugh a little louder, and love (themselves and others) a little harder.

I truly believe in collecting memories rather than things, so I seek out the best ideas for date night, girls night, ways to treat yo’self and more, while still finding a balance between fabulous products that I love.

I hope you enjoy following my journey, and that it inspires you to create a few more stops on your ride through life.

To memories, ideas, and lifting one another up.