How to improve your time management

How to improve your time management

My friends often joke that I am the busiest person they know, and sometimes I think they aren’t kidding. From my two jobs to my blog to my boxing and running I am constantly doing something, planning an event or expanding my network – which means time management has to be something constantly on my mind.

The more you commit to, the easier it becomes to lose track of time and the more important it becomes to manage. Whether it’s to make sure you get to a meeting on time, being able to fit an extra workout in, or just to help make sure you get enough sleep at night, time management is a critical part of being successful. As someone whose forte isn’t time management I’ve had to try a lot of tricks and instilled a lot of trial and error to find easy ways to be successful, and today I’m sharing some of those tips with you.

3 Tips on Adjusting to a New Job

These past few months have been quite the 360 for me. I started not one, but two new jobs, began doing Whole 30, revamped my fitness routine, and overall just had a lot of changes to adjust to. Any of these changes can be scary, but packing so many in at once is terrifying.

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