Deciding How to Rock Your Ride

CYCLEBAR Fulton Market has been rocking rides for a little over a month now and the Cyclestars are bringing it. From high-intensity performance rides to killer themed rides to being able to clear your mind in a connect ride and all of the classic rides in between there are so many ways to hop on a bike.

But how do you decide what class is right for you? I’ve ridden every type of class so you don’t have to. Unless you want to, in which case YASSS QUEEN (OR KING) take one of each!

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In The Mind of a First Time Cycler

In The Mind of a First Time Cycler

Ok, so it wasn’t my first time cycling, but it was my first time in years. And when I’d gone in the past it was at your run-of-the-mill gym that happened to offer cycling classes, not an actual cycling studio. So what happens when you take a girl who’s used to yoga and boxing and stick her on a state-of-the-art bike? Let’s just say my butt still hurts…

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