So you want a puppy? 10 Things to Consider First.

So you want a puppy? 10 Things to Consider First.

I don’t blame you. Getting a puppy was easily the greatest decision I have ever made. Waffles, who you may be sick of seeing pictures of by now if you follow me on Instagram, has brought me so much joy, responsibility, and unconditional love that I can’t truly describe how thankful I am that he joined my little family.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite times of year, and, as a pescatarian, I’m not in it for the turkey (although my cousin makes the BEST bird). What I really love about Thanksgiving are the traditions we have in my family.

I spend 99% of my Thanksgiving with my dad and his family. My parents are no longer together, and while my mom’s side doesn’t really do much, my dad’s family all comes to town and gets together in a huge celebration. It’s sometimes the only time of year when I see my St. Louis cousins, so I look forward to it every year. With my mom, we celebrate the weekend before, so I’m still eating leftover mashed potatoes from our feast.

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