2018 Goals: February Recap

​This post is one that has taken me a long time to write – not because I didn’t hit my goals – but because I really only enjoyed one of them. I thought I failed because my recipe wasn’t great and didn’t photograph well, and I felt guilty because I did not like the studio I tried – but then I realized something: this is the whole reason I set these goals.

Some months will have more joyous outcomes than others, but every month I’ll get out of my comfort zone, learn something, and try something new. I’m learning to cook (even if some meals are not photogenic or delicious), I’m reading books that will help me grow and develop, and I’m trying new workouts to push myself to work new muscle groups and try things that make me uncomfortable. With that being said, here’s what I was up to in February:

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2018 Goals: January Recap

For those of you who saw my post on my goals for 2018, you know that every month I’ll be reading one new book, learning one new recipe, and trying on new fitness studio. Well, I can proudly say I survived the first month with all my goals still on track, though it did require a lot of last-minute reading (about 70 pages if I’m being honest).

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Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf | A refreshing twist on a classic steakhouse

Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf | A refreshing twist on a classic steakhouse

Have you ever had a meal so good that you didn’t want to brush your teeth before bed because you never wanted the taste of delicious steak to go away? If your answer is no then you’ve obviously never been to Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf. (And incase you were concerned about my dental hygiene – yes I did brush my teeth that night). Last night Jackson and I went there for a dinner to celebrate my birthday and his new position on a prestigious choir, (ok we had the reservation before we realized those things, but it’s always more fun to go out for a celebration) and the whole meal reminded me why I truly love good food.

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Budge-Free, Smudge-Free Perfect Lip Color

Budge-Free, Smudge-Free Perfect Lip Color
How often do you find yourself with lipstick everywhere? I’m talking a full on makeover takeover with your gorgeous lip color suddenly on everything from your wine glass to your chin to your teeth to your boyfriend. And don’t get me started on the horrors of accidentally falling asleep with your makeup on only to have your pillowcase look like a clown shoved his face into it, lipstick stains and all.
That used to be my daily horror to the point where my boyfriend refused to kiss me when I had my lipstick on, until I found LipSense.

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Michael Jackson ONE: Show review

Michael Jackson ONE: Show review

The other week I was in Vegas for a work conference. First off, let me tell you that traveling for a work conference is one of the most exhausting things I have ever done. From the hours of networking to the long days in high heels, I’ll probably be recovering for a week. And it didn’t help that I was there during a heat wave. I left the hotel no more than 3 times – twice to get in Ubers to dinner, and once at night to see the fountain at the Bellagio. Mind you it was 101 degrees out at 11:30pm.

But after my conference ended I wanted to stay in Vegas an extra day to treat myself to a show. After looking at some reviews and seeing what had tickets available, I opted for the Michael Jackson ONE show by Cirque du Soliel. Not only was I able to find a ticket, but I got myself a front row seat.

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